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Static Models

Static Models represent static input/output relationships and generalize the notions of matrix and numeric array to parametric or uncertain arrays. You can use static models to create parametric or uncertain expressions, and to construct Generalized LTI models whose coefficients are parametric or uncertain expressions. The Static Models family includes:

  • Tunable parameters (realp objects)

  • Generalized matrices (genmat objects)

  • Uncertain parameters and matrices (ureal, ucomplex, ucomplexm) (requires Robust Control Toolbox™ software)

  • Uncertain matrices (umat) objects (requires Robust Control Toolbox software)

For more information about using these objects to create parametric models, see Models with Tunable Coefficients. For information about creating uncertain static models, see Uncertain Real Parameters and Uncertain Matrices in the Robust Control Toolbox documentation.

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