Constructor for cfit object


cfun = cfit(ffun,coeff1,coeff2,...)


cfun = cfit(ffun,coeff1,coeff2,...) constructs the cfit object cfun using the model type specified by the fittype object ffun and the coefficient values coeff1, coeff2, etc.

    Note:   cfit is called by the fit function when fitting fittype objects to data. To create a cfit object that is the result of a regression, use fit.

    You should only call cfit directly if you want to assign values to coefficients and problem parameters of a fittype object without performing a fit.


f = fittype('a*x^2+b*exp(n*x)')
f =
     General model:
       f(a,b,n,x) = a*x^2+b*exp(n*x)
c = cfit(f,1,10.3,-1e2)
c =
     General model:
       c(x) = a*x^2+b*exp(n*x)
       a =           1
       b =        10.3
       n =        -100

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