Create splines including B-form, tensor-product, NURBs and other rational splines


bspline Plot B-spline and its polynomial pieces
csape Cubic spline interpolation with end conditions
csapi Cubic spline interpolation
csaps Cubic smoothing spline
cscvn "Natural" or periodic interpolating cubic spline curve
getcurve Interactive creation of cubic spline curve
ppmak Put together spline in ppform
rpmak Put together rational spline
rscvn Piecewise biarc Hermite interpolation
rsmak Put together rational spline for standard geometric shapes
spap2 Least-squares spline approximation
spapi Spline interpolation
spaps Smoothing spline
spcrv Spline curve by uniform subdivision
splinetool Experiment with some spline approximation methods
spmak Put together spline in B-form
stmak Put together function in stform
tpaps Thin-plate smoothing spline
spterms Explain spline terms
franke Franke's bivariate test function
titanium Titanium test data

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