Fit Postprocessing

Plotting, outliers, residuals, confidence intervals, validation data, integrals and derivatives, generate MATLAB® code


cfit Constructor for cfit object
coeffvalues Coefficient values of cfit or sfit object
confint Confidence intervals for fit coefficients of cfit or sfit object
differentiate Differentiate cfit or sfit object
excludedata Exclude data from fit
feval Evaluate cfit, sfit, or fittype object
fitoptions Create or modify fit options object
get Get fit options structure property names and values
integrate Integrate cfit object
plot Plot cfit or sfit object
predint Prediction intervals for cfit or sfit object
prepareCurveData Prepare data inputs for curve fitting
prepareSurfaceData Prepare data inputs for surface fitting
probvalues Problem-dependent parameter values of cfit or sfit object
quad2d Numerically integrate sfit object
set Assign values in fit options structure
sfit Constructor for sfit object
cftool Open Curve Fitting app
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