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Evaluate splines, plot, find minimum or zero-crossings, integrate or differentiate


fn2fm Convert to specified form
fnbrk Name and part(s) of form
fnchg Change part(s) of form
fncmb Arithmetic with function(s)
fnder Differentiate function
fndir Directional derivative of function
fnint Integrate function
fnjmp Jumps, i.e., f(x+)-f(x-)
fnmin Minimum of function in given interval
fnplt Plot function
fnrfn Refine partition of form
fntlr Taylor coefficients
fnval Evaluate spline function
fnxtr Extrapolate function
fnzeros Find zeros of function in given interval
franke Franke's bivariate test function
spterms Explain spline terms
titanium Titanium test data


Postprocessing Splines

After constructing a spline, use postprocessing functions for tasks such as plotting, evaluating, or calculating derivatives, integrals and differences between splines.

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