Explain spline terms


expl = spterms(term)
[...,term] = spterms(...)


spterms(term) provides, in a message box, an explanation of the technical term indicated by the string term as used in the Curve Fitting Toolbox™ spline functions and, specifically, in the GUI splinetool. Only the first few (but at least two) letters of the desired term need to be specified, and the full term is shown in the title of the message box.

expl = spterms(term) returns, in expl, the string, or cell array of strings, comprising the explanation of the desired term.

[...,term] = spterms(...) also returns, in term, the fully spelled-out term actually used.


spterms('sp') gives an explanation of the term `spline', while spterms('spline i') explains the terms `spline interpolation'.

help spterms provides the list of all available terms.

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