Acquire Data

Connect to analog input device, add channels, set acquisition parameters, and acquire data. You can also get single sample or samples stored in the buffer.


analoginput Create analog input object
addchannel Add hardware channels to analog input or output object
start Start device object
peekdata Preview most recent acquired analog input data
getdata Extract analog input data, time, and event information from data acquisition engine
getsample Immediately acquire one analog input sample
putdata Queue analog output data in engine for eventual output
putsample Immediately output one analog output sample
stop Stop device object
addmuxchannel Add hardware channels to analog input objects when using National Instruments multiplexer board
islogging Determine whether analog input object is logging data
trigger Manually execute trigger for analog input or output object
wait Wait until analog input or output device object stops running
flushdata Remove analog input data from data acquisition engine

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