Analog Data Acquisition

Configure analog input channels and channel properties

Before you use analog input channels, see Hardware Discovery and Session Setup.


addAnalogInputChannel Add analog input channel
inputSingleScan Acquire single scan from all input channels
startForeground Start foreground operations
startBackground Start background operations
removeChannel Remove channel from session object
stop Stop background operation
wait Block MATLAB until background operation completes


DataAvailable Notify when acquired data is available to process
ErrorOccurred Notify when device-related errors occur


Coupling Specify input coupling mode
TerminalConfig Specify terminal configuration
Range Specify channel measurement range
ID ID of channel in session
Device Channel device information
MeasurementType Channel measurement type
ExcitationCurrent Voltage of external source of excitation
ExcitationSource External source of excitation
ExcitationVoltage Voltage of excitation source
ADCTimingMode Set channel timing mode
BridgeMode Specify analog input device bridge mode
MaxSoundPressureLevel Sound pressure level for microphone channels
NominalBridgeResistance Resistance of sensor
R0 Specify resistance value
RTDConfiguration Specify wiring configuration of RTD device
RTDType Specify sensor sensitivity
ScansAcquired Number of scans acquired during operation
Sensitivity Sensitivity of an analog channel
ShuntLocation Indicate location of channel's shunt resistor
ShuntResistance Resistance value of channel's shunt resistor
ThermocoupleType Select thermocouple type
Units Specify unit of RTD measurement
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