Analog Signal Generation

Configure analog output channels and channel properties

Before you use analog output channels, , see Hardware Discovery and Session Setup.


addAnalogOutputChannel Add analog output channel
queueOutputData Queue data to be output
outputSingleScan Generate single scan on all output channels
startForeground Start foreground operations
startBackground Start background operations
addlistener Create event listener
stop Stop background operation
wait Block MATLAB until background operation completes


DataRequired Notify when additional data is required for output on continuous generation
ErrorOccurred Notify when device-related errors occur


TerminalConfig Specify terminal configuration
Range Specify channel measurement range
Name Specify descriptive name for the channel
ID ID of channel in session
Device Channel device information
MeasurementType Channel measurement type
ExcitationCurrent Voltage of external source of excitation
ExcitationSource External source of excitation
ExternalTriggerTimeout Indicate if external trigger timed out
MaxSoundPressureLevel Sound pressure level for microphone channels
RTDConfiguration Specify wiring configuration of RTD device
ScansOutputByHardware Indicate number of scans output by hardware
ScansQueued Indicate number of scans queued for output
Sensitivity Sensitivity of an analog channel
TerminalConfig Specify terminal configuration
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