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Digilent Analog Discovery Devices

MATLAB® supports the Digilent® Analog Discovery™ design kit, a low-cost, portable USB DAQ device. The kit enables project-based learning for analog circuit design. For professors and course instructors, the kit comes with downloadable teaching materials, reference designs, and lab projects.

The Data Acquisition Toolbox™ Support Package for Digilent Analog Discovery hardware lets you perform the following tasks in MATLAB:

  • Read data from oscilloscope channels.

  • Control and generate data from waveform generators.

  • Characterize ICs and measure behavior of the circuit and IC components.

  • Configure the sampling rate of the Analog Discovery device.

  • Trigger the start of your data acquisition.

  • Find and display Digilent Analog Discovery device settings.

Use the Add-on Explorer to download required drivers. For more information see Install Hardware Support Package for Device Driver.

For examples on Digilent data acquisition and generation see Getting Started Acquiring Data with Digilent® Analog Discovery™ and Getting Started Generating Data with Digilent® Analog Discovery™.

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