Evaluate Digital I/O Object Status

Running Property

You can evaluate the status of a digital I/O (DIO) object by returning the value of the Running property (this is useful only if timer events are generated),

Display Summary

You can invoke the display summary by typing a DIO object or a line object at the MATLAB® Command Window, or by excluding the semicolon when

  • Creating a DIO object

  • Adding lines

  • Configuring property values using the dot notation

You can also display summary information via the Workspace browser by right-clicking a toolbox object and selecting Explore > Display Summary from the context menu.

The displayed information is designed so you can quickly evaluate the status of your data acquisition session. The display is divided into two main sections: general summary information and line summary information.

General Summary Information

The general display summary includes the device object type and the hardware device name, followed by the port parameters. The port parameters include the port ID, and whether the associated lines are configurable for reading or writing.

Line Summary Information

The line display summary includes property values associated with

  • The hardware line mapping

  • The line name

  • The port ID

  • The line direction

The display summary for the example given in Generate Timer Events is shown below.

You can use the Line property to display only the line summary information.

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