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Data Acquisition Toolbox Functions

Alphabetical List By Category
addAnalogInputChannelAdd analog input channel
addAnalogOutputChannelAdd analog output channel to session
addAudioInputChannelAdd audio input channel
addAudioOutputChannelAdd audio output channel
addClockConnectionAdd clock connection
addCounterInputChannelAdd counter input channel
addCounterOutputChannelAdd counter output channel
addDigitalChannelAdd digital channel
addFunctionGeneratorChannelAdd function generator channel
addlistenerCreate event listener
addTriggerConnectionAdd trigger connection
binaryVectorToDecimalConvert binary vector value to decimal value
binaryVectorToHexConvert binary vector value to hexadecimal
buildAdaptorBuild adaptor for third-party data acquisition interface
daq.createSessionCreate data acquisition session for specific vendor hardware
daq.getDevices Display available data acquisition devices
daq.getVendorsDisplay available vendors
daqhelpHelp for toolbox interface
daqresetReset Data Acquisition Toolbox
decimalToBinaryVectorConvert decimal value to binary vector
enableDemoAdaptorDiscoveryAllow SDK demo adaptor to be enabled for device discovery and usage
hexToBinaryVectorConvert hexadecimal value to binary vector
inputSingleScanAcquire single scan from all input channels
outputSingleScanGenerate single scan on all output channels
preparePrepare session for operation
queueOutputDataQueue data to be output
releaseRelease session resources
removeChannelRemove channel from session object
removeConnectionRemove clock or trigger connection
resetCountersReset counter channel to initial count
startBackgroundStart background operations
startForegroundStart foreground operations
stopStop background operation
waitBlock MATLAB until background operation completes
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