Data Acquisition Toolbox Functions

Alphabetical List By Category
addAnalogInputChannel Add analog input channel
addAnalogOutputChannel Add analog output channel
addAudioInputChannel Add audio input channel
addAudioOutputChannel Add audio output channel
addClockConnection Add clock connection
addCounterInputChannel Add counter input channel
addCounterOutputChannel Add counter output channel
addDigitalChannel Add digital channel
addFunctionGeneratorChannel Add function generator channel
addlistener Create event listener
addTriggerConnection Add trigger connection
binaryVectorToDecimal Convert binary vector value to decimal value
binaryVectorToHex Convert binary vector value to hexadecimal
daq.createSession Create data acquisition session for specific vendor hardware
daq.getDevices Display available National Instruments devices
daq.getVendors Display available vendors
daqreset Reset Data Acquisition Toolbox
decimalToBinaryVector Convert decimal value to binary vector
hexToBinaryVector Convert hexadecimal value to binary vector
inputSingleScan Acquire single scan from all input channels
outputSingleScan Generate single scan on all output channels
queueOutputData Queue data to be output
release Release session resources
removeChannel Remove channel from session object
removeConnection Remove clock or trigger connection
resetCounters Reset counter channel to initial count
startBackground Start background operations
startForeground Start foreground operations
stop Stop background operation
supportPackageInstaller Install support for third-party hardware or software
wait Block MATLAB until background operation completes
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