Oscilloscope Overview

Opening the Oscilloscope

To open the Oscilloscope, create an analog input object for the Measurement Computing™ Demo-Board, add two hardware channels, and supply the object to the softscope function.

ai = analoginput('mcc',0)

As shown below, the Oscilloscope opens with a single display containing a marker for each added hardware channel, a channel scaling pane, and a trigger pane.

Note that you can also open the Oscilloscope by

  • Typing softscope without any arguments and using the Hardware Configuration GUI to configure the hardware device.

  • Supplying a configuration file as an input argument to softscope. Refer to Saving and Loading the Oscilloscope Configuration for more information.

Hardware Configuration

If you type softscope without supplying an analog input object,


the Hardware Configuration GUI is opened, which allows you to select the hardware device to be used with the Oscilloscope.

The GUI shown below is configured to display the first two hardware channels of the mcc Demo-Board in the Oscilloscope. The channels are sampled at a rate of 5000 Hz and use the default input range. After you click the OK button, the Oscilloscope opens.

You can also open the Hardware Configuration GUI by selecting the Edit > Hardware menu item. You might want to do this to reconfigure an existing hardware device, or to select a new hardware device. Additionally you can change the sampling rate of the added channels with the New Sample Rate GUI, which is shown below. You open this GUI by selecting the Edit > Sample Rate menu item.

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