Set channel timing mode


When working with the session-based interface, use the ADCTimingMode property to specify if the timing mode in of all channels in the device is high resolution or high speed.

    Note:   The ADCTimingMode must be the same for all channels on the device.


You can set the ADCTimingMode to:

  • 'HighResolution'

  • 'HighSpeed'

  • 'Best50HzRejection'

  • 'Best60HzRejection'


Create a session and add an analog input channel:

s = daq.createSession('ni');
ch = addAnalogInputChannel(s,'cDAQ1Mod1','ai1','Voltage');

ans = 

Data acquisition analog input voltage channel 'ai1' on device 'cDAQ1Mod1':

       Coupling: DC
 TerminalConfig: SingleEnded
          Range: -10 to +10 Volts
           Name: ''
             ID: 'ai1'
         Device: [1x1]
MeasurementType: 'Voltage'
  ADCTimingMode: ''

Set the ADCTimingMode property to 'HighResolution':

ch.ADCTimingMode = 'HighResolution';
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