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Add audio input channel


ch = addAudioInputChannel(s,deviceName,channelID)
[ch,idx] = addAudioInputChannel(s,deviceName,channelID)



ch = addAudioInputChannel(s,deviceName,channelID) creates and displays the object ch representing a channel added to the session s using the device represented by deviceName, with the specified channelID. The channel is stored in the variable ch.


[ch,idx] = addAudioInputChannel(s,deviceName,channelID) additionally creates and displays the object idx, which is an index into the array of the session object's Channels property.


Input Arguments

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Data acquisition session specified as a session object created using daq.createSession. Use the data acquisition session for acquisition and generation operations. Create one session per vendor and use that vendor session to perform all data acquisition operations.

Device ID specified as a character vector or string, as defined by the device vendor. Obtain the device ID by calling daq.getDevices. The channel specified for this device is created for the session object.

Data Types: char | string

Channel ID, or the physical location of the channel on the device, added to the session, specified as numeric value. You can also add a range of channels. The index for this channel displayed in the session indicates this channels position in the session. If you add a channel with channel ID 1 as the first channel in a session, the session index is 1.

Output Arguments

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Audio input channel that you add, returned as a channel object containing vendor specific channel information. Use this channel object to access device and channel properties.

Channel index returned as a numeric value. Through the index you can access the array of the session object's Channels property.


BitsPerSampleDisplay bits per sample
DeviceChannel device information
IDID of channel in session
MeasurementTypeChannel measurement type
NameSpecify descriptive name for the channel
RangeSpecify channel measurement range
StandardSampleRatesDisplay standard rates of sampling
UseStandardSampleRateConfigure session to use standard sample rates


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s = daq.createSession('directsound')

Add two audio input channels and specify output arguments to represent the channel object and the index.

s = daq.createSession('directsound')
[ch, idx] = addAudioInputChannel(s,'Audio1',1:2);
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