Add hardware channels to analog input objects when using National Instruments multiplexer board


chans = addmuxchannel(...)



An analog input object associated with a National Instruments® Traditional NI-DAQ board.


The hardware channel IDs.


The channels that are added to obj.


addmuxchannel(obj) adds as many channels to obj as is physically possible based on the number of National Instruments AMUX-64T multiplexer (mux) boards specified by the NumMuxBoards property. For one mux board, 64 channels are added. For two mux boards, 128 channels are added. For four mux boards, 256 channels are added.

addmuxchannel(obj,chanids) adds the channels specified by chanids to obj. chanids refers to the hardware channel IDs of the data acquisition board.

The actual number of channels added to obj depends on the number of mux boards used. For example, suppose you are using a data acquisition board with 16 channels connected to one mux board. If chanid is 0, then addmuxchannel adds four channels. Refer to the AMUX-64T User Manual for more information about adding mux channels based on hardware channel IDs and the number of mux boards used.

chans = addmuxchannel(...) returns the channels added to chans.

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This function is not available for National Instruments NI-DAQmx boards.

Before using addmuxchannel, you must set the NumMuxBoards property to the appropriate value. You can use as many as four mux boards with one analog input object. addmuxchannel deletes all channels contained by obj before new channels are added.

    Note:   The Traditional NI-DAQ adaptor will be deprecated in a future version of the toolbox. If you create a Data Acquisition Toolbox™ object for Traditional NI-DAQ adaptor beginning in R2008b, you will receive a warning stating that this adaptor will be removed in a future release. See the supported hardware page at for more information.

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