Array of channel objects associated with session object


This session object property contains and displays an array of channels added to the session. For more information on the session-based interface, see Session-Based Interface.


The value is determined by the channels you add to the session object.


Access Channels Property

Create both analog and digital channels in a session and display the Channels property.

Create a session object, add an analog input channel, and display the session Channels property.

s = daq.createSession('ni');
aich = addAnalogInputChannel(s,'cDAQ1Mod7', 0, 'Bridge');
aich = 

Data acquisition analog input channel 'ai0' on device 'cDAQ1Mod7':

             BridgeMode: Unknown
       ExcitationSource: Internal
      ExcitationVoltage: 2.5
NominalBridgeResistance: 'Unknown'
                  Range: -0.025 to +0.025 VoltsPerVolt
                   Name: ''
                     ID: 'ai0'
                 Device: [1x1]
        MeasurementType: 'Bridge'
          ADCTimingMode: HighResolution

Properties, Methods, Events

Add an analog output channel and view the Channels property.

aoch = addAnalogOutputChannel(s,'cDAQ1Mod2', 'ao1', 'Voltage')
aoch = 

Data acquisition analog output voltage channel 'ao1' on device 'cDAQ1Mod2':

 TerminalConfig: SingleEnded
          Range: -10 to +10 Volts
           Name: ''
             ID: 'ao1'
         Device: [1x1]
MeasurementType: 'Voltage'

Add a digital channel with 'InputOnly'

dich = addDigitalChannel(s,'dev1', 'Port0/Line0:1', 'InputOnly')
dich = 

Number of channels: 2
   index Type Device   Channel   MeasurementType Range Name
   ----- ---- ------ ----------- --------------- ----- ----
   1     dio  Dev1   port0/line0 InputOnly       n/a
   2     dio  Dev1   port0/line1 InputOnly       n/a

Change the InputType property of the input channel to SingleEnded.

aich.InputType = 'SingleEnded';

You can use the channel object to access and edit the Channels property.

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