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Check for lines


out = isdioline(obj.Line(index))

    Note:   You cannot use the legacy interface on 64–bit MATLAB®. See Session-Based Interface to acquire and generate data.



One or more lines contained by obj.


A logical value.


out = isdioline(obj.Line(index)) returns a logical 1 to out if obj.Line(index) is a line. Otherwise, a logical 0 is returned.


Suppose you create the function myfunc for use with Data Acquisition Toolbox™ software. If myfunc is passed one or more lines as an input argument, then the first thing you should do in the function is check if the argument is a line.

function myfunc(line)
% Determine if a line was passed.
if ~isdioline(line)
   error('The argument passed is not a line.');

You can examine Data Acquisition Toolbox software files for examples that use isdioline.

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isdioline does not determine if lines are valid (associated with hardware). To check for valid lines, use the isvalid function.

Typically, you use isdioline directly only when you are creating your own files.

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