Indicate scaling to use when converting between native data format and doubles


NativeScaling, along with NativeOffset, is used to convert data between the native hardware format and doubles.

For analog input objects, you return native data from the engine with the getdata function. Additionally, if you log native data to a .daq file, then you can read back that data using the daqread function. The formula for converting from native data to doubles is

doubles data = (native data)(native scaling) + native offset

For analog output objects, you queue native data in the engine with the putdata function. The formula for converting from doubles to native data is

native data = (doubles data)(native scaling) + native offset

You return the native data type of your hardware device with the daqhwinfo function. Note that the NativeScaling value for a given channel might change if you change its InputRange (AI) or OutputRange (AO) property value.

You might want to return or queue data in native format to conserve memory and to increase data acquisition or data output speed.



AI, AO, per channel



Data type


Read-only when running



The default value is device-specific.

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