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Immediately output one analog output sample



    Note:   You cannot use the legacy interface on 64–bit MATLAB®. See Session-Based Interface to acquire and generate data.



An analog output object.


The data to be queued in the engine.


putsample(obj,data) immediately outputs the row vector data, which consists of one sample for each channel contained by obj.


Create the analog output object ao for a National Instruments® board and add two hardware channels to it.

ao = analogoutput('nidaq','Dev1');
ch = addchannel(ao,0:1);

To call putsample for ao:

putsample(ao,[1 1])

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Using putsample is a good way to test your analog output configuration. Additionally:

  • putsample does not store samples in the data acquisition engine.

  • putsample can be executed at any time after channels have been added to obj.

  • putsample is not supported for sound cards and Dynamic Signal Acquisition and Generation (DSA) cards.

    Note:   Refer to the Hardware Limitations by Vendor section before you access National Instruments devices with the NI-DAQmx adaptor simultaneously from multiple applications.

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