Start device object





A device object or an array of device objects.


start(obj) initiates the execution of the device object obj.

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When start is issued for an analog input or analog output object,

  • The callback function specified for StartFcn is executed.

  • The Running property is set to On.

  • The start event is recorded in the EventLog property.

  • Data existing in the engine is flushed.

Although an analog input or analog output object might be executing, data logging or sending is not necessarily initiated. Data logging or sending requires a trigger event to occur, and depends on the TriggerType property value.

For any device object, you can specify start as the value for a callback property.

ai.StopFcn = @start;

    Note   You typically execute a digital I/O object to periodically update and display its state. Refer to the diopanel example to see this behavior.

If you want to synchronize the input and output of data, or you require more control over when your hardware starts, you should use the ManualTriggerHwOn property.

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