Specify number of additional times trigger executes


You can configure a trigger to occur once (one-shot acquisition) or multiple times. If TriggerRepeat is set to its default value of zero, then the trigger executes once. If TriggerRepeat is set to a positive integer value, then the trigger executes once, and is repeated the specified number of times. For example, if the value is set to 2, you will get a total of 3 triggers. If TriggerRepeat is set to inf then the trigger executes continuously until a stop function is issued or an error occurs.

You can quickly evaluate how many triggers have executed by examining the TriggersExecuted property or by invoking the display summary for the device object. The display summary is invoked by typing the device object name at the MATLAB Command Window.

    Note:   We have observed that National Instruments USB devices have a significant cycle time for the communications required to trigger the device. If you are using an NI USB device, we recommend that you set up longer acquisitions that use fewer triggers. That is, increase SamplesPerTrigger and decrease TriggerRepeat.



AI, common to all channels



Data type


Read-only when running



The default value is zero.

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