Session-Based Interface

Acquire and generate simultaneously using National Instruments® devices


addTriggerConnection Add trigger connection
addClockConnection Add clock connection
removeConnection Remove clock or trigger connection


Destination Indicates trigger destination terminal
ExternalTriggerTimeout Indicate if external trigger timed out
IsWaitingForExternalTrigger Indicates if synchronization is waiting for an external trigger
Source Indicates trigger source terminal
Terminals Terminals available on device or CompactDAQ chassis
TriggerCondition Specify condition that must be satisfied before trigger executes
TriggersPerRun Indicate the number of times the trigger executes in an operation
TriggersRemaining Indicates the number of trigger to execute in an operation
TriggerType Specify type of trigger to execute
AutoSyncDSA Automatically Synchronize DSA devices
EnhancedAliasRejectionEnable Set enhanced alias rejection mode
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