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Windows Sound Cards

  • The maximum sampling rate depends on the StandardSampleRates property value. If StandardSampleRates is On, the maximum SampleRate property value is 44100. If StandardSampleRates is Off, the maximum SampleRate property value is 96000 if supported by the sound card.

    For some sound cards that allow nonstandard sampling rates, certain values above 67,000 Hz will cause your computer to hang.

  • If you are acquiring data when StandardSampleRates is Off, one of these messages may be returned to the command line depending on the specific sound card you are using:

    • "Invalid format for device winsound" occurs when the sound card does not allow for any nonstandard value.

    • "Device Winsound already in use" occurs when a nonstandard sampling rate is specified and the device takes longer than expected to acquire data.

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