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Data Export from MATLAB

Export data from MATLAB® into relational database

Database Toolbox™ enables you to analyze data and export the results. To export data from the MATLAB workspace, use these functions to insert or update data in your database.


commitMake database changes permanent
datainsertExport MATLAB data into database table
fastinsertAdd MATLAB data to database tables
insertAdd MATLAB data to database tables
rollbackUndo database changes
updateReplace data in database table with MATLAB data


Data Export Basics

Inserting Data Using Command Line

Choose the best function for exporting data from MATLAB into your database.

Insert or Update Data in Database

Export Data to New Record in Database

Export a new record from the MATLAB workspace and commit it to the dbdemo data source.

Replace Existing Data in Database

Update records in a database.

MATLAB Interface to SQLite

Working with MATLAB Interface to SQLite

Analyze data without access to a database or driver by using the MATLAB interface to SQLite.

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