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Open and Close Database Connection

Establish and end connection to relational databases

Database Toolbox™ lets you connect to various relational databases by installing the database and driver. If you do not want to install a database and driver, you can use the MATLAB® interface to SQLite. For details, see Working with the MATLAB Interface to SQLite.


close Close database and driver resource utilizer
database Connect to database
isopen Determine if database connection or database cursor is open
isreadonly Determine if database connection is read only
logintimeout Set or get time allowed to establish database connection
ping Retrieve status information about database connection
set Set properties for database or cursor object
setdbprefs Set preferences for retrieval format, errors, NULLs, and more
close Close database and driver resource utilizer
sqlite Create SQLite connection


Database Explorer Configure, explore, and import database data


Database Explorer Workflow

Working with Database Explorer

Discover Database Explorer functionality and set preferences.

Configure Data Sources and Connect to Databases

Create a data source and connect to one or more databases.

Programmatic Workflow

Connecting to a Database Using the Native ODBC Interface

Learn about the native ODBC interface and how it compares to other database connection types.

Working with the MATLAB Interface to SQLite

To analyze your data using SQL in MATLAB without access to a database or driver, use the MATLAB interface to SQLite.

Import Data Using the MATLAB® Interface to SQLite

This example shows how to move data between MATLAB® and the MATLAB® interface to SQLite.

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