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(To be removed) Get database schema names

schemas will be removed in a future release. Use the Schemas connection object property instead.


s = schemas(conn)



s = schemas(conn) retrieves schema names in a database using the database connection conn.


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Create a database connection conn to the Oracle® database using the JDBC driver. Use the Vendor name-value pair argument of database to specify a connection to an Oracle database. To connect without Windows® authentication, use the DriverType name-value pair argument of database to specify a connection to the database server by specifying the thin value. Here, this code assumes that you are connecting to a database named dbname with user name username and password pwd. This code assumes that you are using the database server named sname and port number 123456.

conn = database('dbname','username','pwd',...

Alternatively, use the native ODBC interface for an ODBC connection. For details, see database.

Retrieve the schema names in the database named dbname using the database connection conn.

s = schemas(conn)
s = 

  Columns 1 through 4


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    'AUDSYS'    'CTXSYS'    'DBSNMP'    'DIP'    'DVF'    'DVSYS'


s returns a cell array of schema names in the Oracle database.

Close the connection.


Input Arguments

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Database connection, specified as a connection object created using the database function.

Output Arguments

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Schema names, returned as a cell array containing the names of the schemas in the database. The contents of s that you see depend upon your permission settings in the database.

Introduced in R2010a

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