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Working with Databases

Connecting to Databases

Before you can use this toolbox to connect to a database, you must set up the data sources. For details, see Configuring a Driver and Data Source.

Platform Support

This toolbox runs on all platforms that the MATLAB® software supports.

For details, see Database Toolbox™ system requirements at

    Note:   This toolbox does not support running MATLAB software sessions with the -nojvm startup option enabled on UNIX® platforms. (UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group in the United States and other countries.)

Database Support

This toolbox supports importing and exporting data from any ODBC- and/or JDBC-compliant database management system, including:

  • IBM DB2®

  • IBM® Informix®

  • Ingres®

  • Microsoft® Access™

  • Microsoft Excel®

  • Microsoft SQL Server®

  • MySQL®

  • Oracle®

  • PostgreSQL (Postgres)

  • Sybase® SQL Anywhere®

  • Sybase SQL Server®

If you are upgrading an earlier version of a database, you need not do anything special for this toolbox. Simply configure the data sources for the new version of the database application as you did for the original version.

Driver Support

This toolbox requires a database driver. Typically, you install a driver when you install a database. For instructions about how to install a database driver, consult your database administrator.

On Microsoft Windows® platforms, the toolbox supports Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) drivers and Oracle Java® Database Connectivity (JDBC) drivers.

    Note:   If you receive this message:

    Invalid string or buffer length.

    you might be using the wrong driver.

    The JDBC/ODBC bridge is known to have issues with 64-bit database systems. Use a JDBC driver or the native ODBC interface to connect to these databases.

On UNIX platforms, the toolbox supports Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) drivers. If your database does not ship with JDBC drivers, download drivers from the Oracle JDBC Web site at

Structured Query Language (SQL)

This toolbox supports American National Standards Institute (ANSI®) standard SQL commands.

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