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View Information About Database

Information about the relational database structure

You can explore database contents and structure visually using the Database Explorer app. For details, see Working with Database Explorer. Or, you can use the command line.


catalogs (To be removed) Get database catalog names
columns Return database table column names
schemas (To be removed) Get database schema names
tables Return database table names
get (To be removed) Retrieve object properties
getdatasources Return names of ODBC and JDBC data sources on system
isopen Determine if database connection or database cursor is open
isreadonly (To be removed) Determine if database connection is read-only
ping (To be removed) Retrieve status information about database connection
columnprivileges List database column privileges
columns Return database table column names
dmd Construct database metadata object
exportedkeys Retrieve information about exported foreign keys
importedkeys Return information about imported foreign keys
indexinfo Return indices and statistics for database tables
primarykeys Get primary key information for database table or schema
procedurecolumns Get stored procedure parameters and result columns of catalogs
procedures Get stored procedures for catalogs
supports Detect whether property is supported by database metadata object
tableprivileges Return database table privileges
tables Return database table names


Database Explorer Configure, explore, and import database data


Display Database Metadata

This example shows how to display database information for connection objects using the command line.

Data Retrieval Restrictions

Find restrictions on table and column names for data retrieval.

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