About Data Servers and Data Service Providers

Supported Data Service Providers

This toolbox supports connections to financial data servers that the following corporations provide:

See the MathWorks® Web site for the system requirements for connecting to these data servers.

Data Server Connection Requirements

To connect to some of these data servers, additional requirements apply.

Additional Software Requirements

The following data service providers require you to install proprietary software on your PC:

  • Bloomberg

      Note:   You must have a Bloomberg Desktop software license for the host on which the Datafeed Toolbox™ and MATLAB® software are running.

  • Interactive Data

  • Haver Analytics

  • Kx Systems, Inc.

  • Reuters®


You must have a valid license for required client software on your machine. If you do not, the following error message appears when you try to connect to a data server:

Invalid MEX-file

For details about how to obtain required software, contact your data server sales representative.

Proxy Information Requirements

The following data service providers may require you to specify a proxy host and proxy port plus a user name and password if the user's site requires proxy authentication:

  • FactSet

  • FRED

  • Thomson Reuters Datastream®

  • Thomson Reuters Tick History

  • Yahoo!


For information on how to specify these settings, see Specify Proxy Server Settings for Connecting to the Internet.

FactSet Data Service Requirements

You need a license to use FactSet FAST technology. For details, see the FactSet Web site at http://www.factset.com.

Reuters Data Service Requirements

Configuring Reuters Connections Using the Reuters Configuration Editor.  You must use the Reuters Configuration Editor to configure your connections as follows:

  1. Open the Reuters Market Data System configuration editor by typing the following command:

  2. Load the sample configuration file.

    1. Click File > Import > File.

    2. Select the file matlabroot\toolbox\datafeed\datafeed\sampleconfig.xml.

  3. Modify sampleconfig.xml based on the site-specific settings that you obtain from Reuters.

  4. Define a namespace, a connection, and a session associated with the connection. The following example adds the session remoteSession with the namespace MyNS to the connection list for the connection remoteConnection.

  5. If you are not DACS-enabled, disable DACS.

    1. Add the following to your connection configuration:

    2. If you are running an SSL connection, add the following to your connection configuration:


For details, see the reuters function reference page.

Troubleshooting Issues with Reuters Configuration Editor.  These errors occur when you attempt to use the Reuters Configuration Editor to configure connections on a machine on which an XML Parser is not installed.

java com.reuters.rfa.tools.config.editor.ConfigEditor
org.xml.sax.SAXException: System property 
org.xml.sax.driver not specified
at org.xml.sax.helpers.XMLReaderFactory.createXMLReader(Unknown
at com.reuters.rfa.tools.config.editor.rfaConfigRuleDB.rfaConfi
at com.reuters.rfa.tools.config.editor.ConfigEditor.init
at (com.reuters.rfa.tools.config.editor.ConfigEditor.
(ConfigEditor.java:61) at

To address this problem, download an XML parser file, and then include a path to this file in your CLASSPATH environment variable.

The following example shows how to set your CLASSPATH environment variable to include the XML parser file C:\xerces.jar (downloaded from http://xerces.apache.org/xerces-j/index.html):


Thomson Reuters Data Service Requirements

You need the following to connect to Thomson Reuters data servers:

  • A license for Thomson Reuters Datastream DataWorks®.

  • To connect to the Thomson Reuters Datastream API from the Web, you need a user name, password, and URL provided by Thomson Reuters.

For details, see the Thomson Reuters Web site at http://www.thomsonreuters.com.

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