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Bloomberg V3 field information




d = fieldinfo(c,f) returns field information on Bloomberg® V3 connection object c given a field mnemonic f.


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Retrieve Information for the Bloomberg Last Price Field

Create a Bloomberg connection.

c = blp;

Retrieve the Bloomberg field information for the LAST_PRICE field.

d = fieldinfo(c,'LAST_PRICE');

Display the returned Bloomberg information.

d{1} =
Last price for the security. Field updates in realtime.

  Returns the last price provided by the exchange. For securities that trade Monday through Friday, this field will be populated only if such information has been provided by the exchange in the past 30 trading days. For all other securities, this field will be populated only if such information was provided by the exchange in the last 30 calendar days. This applies to common stocks, receipts, warrants, and real estate investment trusts (REITs).
d{2} =
d{3} =
d{4} =
Last Trade/Last Price
d{5} =

The columns in d contain the following:

  • Field help with the Bloomberg descriptive information

  • Field identifier

  • Field mnemonic

  • Field name

  • Field data type

Close the Bloomberg connection.


Input Arguments

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c — Bloomberg connectionconnection object

Bloomberg connection, specified as a connection object created using blp.

f — Field mnemonicstring

Field mnemonic, specified as a string that is used to retrieve Bloomberg field information.

Data Types: char

Output Arguments

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d — Return datacell array

Return data, returned as an N-by-5 cell array containing the field help, field identifier, field mnemonic, field name, and field data type.

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