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Field search for Bloomberg connection V3




d = fieldsearch(c,f) returns field information on Bloomberg® V3 connection object c given a search term f.


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Create a Bloomberg connection.

c = blp;

Alternatively, you can connect to the Bloomberg Server API using blpsrv or Bloomberg B-PIPE® using bpipe.

Return data for the search term 'LAST_PRICE'.

d = fieldsearch(c,'LAST_PRICE');

Display the first three rows of the returned data d.

ans = 

    'Market Activity/...'    'PR005'    'PX_LAST'              'Last Price'             'Double'
    'Market Activity/...'    'RQ005'    'LAST_PRICE'           'Last Trade/Last ...'    'Double'
    'Market Activity/...'    'RQ134'    'LAST_ALL_SESSIONS'    'Last Price All S...'    'Double'

The columns in d contain the following:

  • Category

  • Field identifier

  • Field mnemonic

  • Field name

  • Field data type

Close the Bloomberg connection.


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Input Arguments

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Bloomberg connection, specified as a connection object created using blp, blpsrv, or bpipe.

Search term, specified as a character vector that denotes the Bloomberg field descriptive data to retrieve.

Data Types: char

Output Arguments

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Return data, returned as an N-by-5 cell array containing categories, field identifiers, field mnemonics, field names, and field data types for each N row in the data set.

Introduced in R2010b

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