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Establish connections to Thomson Reuters Datastream API


Connect = datastream('UserName','Password','Source','URL')



Thomson Reuters™ user name, specified as a character vector or string that must start with DS:.


Thomson Reuters password, specified as a character vector or string.


To connect to the Thomson Reuters Datastream® API, enter the character vector or string 'Datastream'.


Thomson Reuters web URL, specified as a character vector or string.


Connect = datastream('UserName','Password','Source','URL') connects to the Thomson Reuters Datastream API, which provides access to Thomson Reuters Datastream software content.


Connect to the Thomson Reuters Datastream API using these sample values:

  • User name 'DS:User1'

  • Password 'Pass1'

  • URL ''

To retrieve your values for these input arguments, contact Thomson Reuters.

Connect = datastream('DS:User1','Pass1','Datastream', ... 


If you get an error connecting, verify that your proxy settings are correct in MATLAB® by selecting Preferences > Web in the MATLAB Toolstrip.

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Introduced in R2006a

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