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(Not recommended) eSignal Desktop API connection

esig has been removed.


E = esig(user)


E = esig(user) creates an eSignal® Desktop API connection given the user name user. Only one eSignal connection can be open at a time.


In order to use the signal interface, you need to make the eSignal Desktop API visible to MATLAB® by using the command:

% Add NET assembly.

    Note:   Interop.IESignal.dll does not ship with Datafeed Toolbox™. This file is created by Microsoft® Visual Studio® using an unmanaged DLL, in a managed environment. Interop.IESignal.dll is a wrapper that Microsoft Visual Studio creates.

    If you do not have Interop.IESignal.dll, contact our technical support staff.

    Use the NET.addAssembly command to access Interop.IESignal.dll in MATLAB. For example:


Create an eSignal connection handle:

% Enter 'mylogin' as your user name.
E = esig('mylogin')
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