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Retrieve Money.Net subscribed symbols and event handler functions


subs = getsubscriptions(c)



subs = getsubscriptions(c) returns the subscription list subs that contains open subscriptions for the Money.Net connection c.


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Create Money.Net connection c using a user name and password.

username = '';
pwd = '999999';

c = moneynet(username,pwd);

Subscribe to the symbols IBM® and Yahoo!® for real-time data updates using the Money.Net connection c.

symbols = {'IBM','YHOO'};


The default event handler function processes real-time data updates.

Retrieve the subscribed symbols and the corresponding event handler function for each symbol using the Money.Net connection c.

subs = getsubscriptions(c)
subs = 

    Symbols         EventHandlers     
    _______    _______________________

    'IBM'      @mnRealTimeEventHandler
    'YHOO'     @mnRealTimeEventHandler

subs returns a table with a row for each symbol and the corresponding event handler function.

Unsubscribe from all symbols using the Money.Net connection c.


Close the Money.Net connection.


Input Arguments

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Money.Net connection, specified as a connection object created using moneynet.

Output Arguments

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Subscription list, returned as a table. The list contains all currently subscribed symbols and the corresponding event handler function that is processing real-time updates for each symbol. Each row in the table represents one unique subscription.

If there are no subscribed symbols, subs is an empty table.

Introduced in R2016b

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