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Run Haver Analytics graphical user interface (GUI)





Haver Analytics® connection object created with haver.


havertool(H) runs the Haver Analytics graphical user interface (GUI). The GUI appears in the following figure.

The GUI fields and buttons are:

  • Database: The currently selected Haver Analytics database.

  • Browse: Allows you to browse for Haver Analytics databases, and populates the variable list with the variables in the database you specify.

  • Start Date: The data start date of the selected variable.

  • End Date: The data end date of the selected variable.

  • Workspace Variable: The MATLAB® variable to which havertool writes data for the currently selected Haver Analytics variable.

  • Close: Closes all current connections and the Haver Analytics GUI.


Establish a Haver Analytics connection H:

H = haver('d:\work\haver\data\haverd.dat')

Open the graphical user interface (GUI) demonstration:


Introduced in R2007a

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