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Installing Bloomberg and Configuring Connections

Datafeed Toolbox™ provides various ways to connect to Bloomberg®. For details, see Comparing Bloomberg Connections. Before connecting to Bloomberg, follow these required steps.

Install Bloomberg Software

For the latest Bloomberg software, see

After installing the Bloomberg software, add Java® archive (JAR) files to the MATLAB® Java class path and run the Bloomberg Communications Server according to these requirements.


Bloomberg Desktop

Bloomberg Server

Bloomberg B-PIPE®

Bloomberg Data License

Add blpapi3.jar JAR file to the MATLAB Java class path

Required for connection

Required for connection

Required for connection

Not required

Add bbdlapi.jar JAR file to the MATLAB Java class path

Not required

Not required

Not required

Required for connection

Run the Bloomberg Communications Server

Required for connection

Required for connection

Not required

Not required

Add JAR Files to the MATLAB Java Class Path

Bloomberg Desktop, Bloomberg Server, and Bloomberg B-PIPE

With the Bloomberg V3 release, install the JAR file blpapi3.jar from Bloomberg. This JAR file ensures that blp, blpsrv, bpipe, and other Bloomberg commands work correctly.

If you have already downloaded blpapi3.jar, find it in a folder such as c:\blp\DAPI\blpapi3.jar or search for it in the Bloomberg installation folder c:\blp. When you have found blpapi3.jar, go to step 3.


For each Bloomberg connection, the folder location of the downloaded JAR file can be different. For questions, contact Bloomberg.

If you have not downloaded blpapi3.jar from Bloomberg, download it as follows:

  1. In the Bloomberg terminal, type WAPI <GO> to open the API Developer’s Help Site screen.

  2. Click API Download Center. Download and install the appropriate software.

  3. Once you have blpapi3.jar on the system, add it to the MATLAB Java class path. There are two ways to add the JAR file:

    • Add the JAR file to the MATLAB Java class path for every MATLAB session using javaaddpath.

      javaaddpath c:\blp\DAPI\blpapi3.jar

      The JAR file path varies depending on the installed Bloomberg software.

    • Or, to automate adding this file, add javaaddpath to the startup.m file or add the full path for the JAR file to the javaclasspath.txt file.

    To decide which way is best for you, see Startup Options in MATLAB Startup File (MATLAB) and Static Path (MATLAB).

  4. If you modify startup.m or javaclasspath.txt files, restart MATLAB.

Bloomberg Data License

Add the JAR file bbdlapi.jar to the MATLAB Java class path using the preceding JAR file instructions. For details, see the Data License Java SE API folder. Find this folder by entering DLSD <GO> in the Bloomberg terminal.

Troubleshooting Adding JAR Files

If the JAR files are missing from the MATLAB Java class path, one of these error messages display:

  • Please verify that blpapi3.jar is included on MATLAB javaclasspath.

  • Please verify that bbdlapi.jar is included on MATLAB javaclasspath.

To add the JAR files to the MATLAB Java class path, follow the preceding instructions.

For issues with downloading and installing JAR files, contact Bloomberg.

Run Bloomberg Communications Server

The Bloomberg Communications Server is a program named bbcomm.exe. You can find this program in a folder such as c:\blp\DAPI\bbcomm.exe or search for it in the Bloomberg installation folder c:\blp. If bbcomm.exe does not start automatically, double-click it. An MS-DOS® command window opens and stays open while bbcomm.exe is running.

To avoid manually starting bbcomm.exe each time you turn on the computer, add bbcomm.exe to the startup folder:

  1. Create a Windows® shortcut to bbcomm.exe.

  2. Move this shortcut to the startup folder. An example startup folder name is C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup.

When you are finished with the Bloomberg connection, stop bbcomm.exe by running bbstop.exe. You can find bbstop.exe in the same folder as bbcomm.exe. Double-click bbstop.exe. The MS-DOS command window closes.

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