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Request data from Kx Systems, Inc. kdb+ databases


d = fetch(k,ksql)
d = fetch(k,ksql,p1,p2,p3)



Kx Systems®, Inc. kdb+ connection object created with kx.


The Kx Systems, Inc. kdb+ command.


Input parameters for the ksql command.


d = fetch(k,ksql) returns data from a Kx Systems, Inc. kdb+ database in a MATLAB® structure where k is the Kx Systems, Inc. kdb+ object and ksql is the Kx Systems, Inc. kdb+ command. ksql can be any valid kdb+ command. The output of the fetch function is any data resulting from the command specified in ksql.

d = fetch(k,ksql,p1,p2,p3) executes the command specified in ksql with one or more input parameters, and returns the data from this command.


Run the following command from a DOS prompt to specify the port number 5001:

q tradedata.q -p 5001 

Connect to a Kx Systems, Inc. server using IP address 'localhost' and port number 5001:

k = kx('localhost',5001); 

Retrieve data using the command 'select from trade':

   d = fetch(k,'select from trade');
   d =           
			sec: {5000x1 cell}
       price: [5000x1 double]
      volume: [5000x1 int32]
    exchange: [5000x1 double]
        date: [5000x1 double]

Retrieve data, passing an input parameter 'ACME' to the command 'select from trade':

d = fetch(k,'totalvolume','ACME');  
d = 
      volume: [1253x1 int32]    

This is the total trading volume for the security ACME in the table trade. The function totalvolume is defined in the sample Kx Systems, Inc. kdb+ file, tradedata.q.

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