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Retrieve Kx Systems, Inc. kdb+ connection object properties


v = get(k,'PropertyName')
v = get(k)



Kx Systems®, Inc. kdb+ connection object created with kx.


A character vector or cell array of character vectors containing property names. The property names are:

  • 'handle'

  • 'ipaddress'

  • 'port'


v = get(k,'PropertyName') returns a MATLAB® structure containing the value of the specified properties for the Kx Systems, Inc. kdb+ connection object.

v = get(k) returns a MATLAB structure where each field name is the name of a property of k and the associated value of the property.


Get the properties of the connection to the Kx Systems, Inc. kdb+ database, K:

v = get(k)
v = 
			handle:  [1x1 c]
       ipaddress: 'localhost'
       port: '5001'

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