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(To be removed) Status of FTP request for Thomson Reuters Tick History data

status will be removed in a future release.


[s,qp] = status(r,x)


[s,qp] = status(r,x) returns the status and queue position of the Thomson Reuters™ Tick History (TRTH) FTP request handle, x. When s is equal to 'Complete', download the file from the TRTH server manually or programmatically.


Check the status of your FTP request:

x = submitftp(r,'GOOG.O',{'Exchange ID','Price','Volume'}, ...
   {(floor(now))-10,(floor(now))},'TimeAndSales','Trade', ...

s = []; 
while ~strcmp(s,'Complete') 
[s,qp] = status(r,x); 

Optionally, download the file from the TRTH server programmatically. The data file is generated in a directory, api-results, on the server. The file has extension csv.gz.

filename = ['/api-results/' char(x) '-report.csv.gz'];
          'user=' username '&pass=' password '&file=' filename''],...

This call to urlwrite saves the downloaded file with the name rdth_results.csv.gz in the current directory.

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Introduced in R2011a

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