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Retrieve Data Using the Datafeed Dialog Box

The Datafeed dialog box establishes the connection with the data server and manages data retrieval. Use this dialog box to connect to and retrieve data from Yahoo!®

To open this dialog box, enter the dftool command in the Command Window.

The Datafeed dialog box has two tabs:

The following figure summarizes how to connect to data servers and retrieve data using the Datafeed dialog box.

The Datafeed Dialog Box

Connecting to Data Servers

  1. Click the Connect button to establish a connection.

  2. When the Connected message appears in the Status field, click the Data tab to begin the process of retrieving data from the data server. For details, see Retrieving Data.

  3. Click the Disconnect button to terminate the session highlighted in the Current Connections box.

Retrieving Data

The Data tab lets you retrieve data from the data server as follows:

  1. Enter the security symbol in the Enter Security field.

  2. Indicate the type of data to retrieve in the Data Selection field.

  3. Specify whether you want the default set of data or the full set:

    • Click the Default fields button for the default set of data.

    • Click the All fields button for the full set of data.

  4. Click the Get Data button to retrieve the data from the data server.

The following figure summarizes these steps.

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