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Prompt user to change MJS password





MJS cluster object on which password is changing


Character vector identifying the user whose password is changing


changePassword(mjs) prompts you to change your password as the current user on the MATLAB job scheduler (MJS) cluster represented by cluster object mjs. (Use the parcluster function to create a cluster object.) In the dialog box that opens, you must enter your current password as well as the new password.

changePassword(mjs,username) prompts you as the MJS cluster admin user to change the password for another specified user. In the dialog box that opens, you must enter the cluster admin password in addition to the user’s new password. This allows the cluster admin to reset a password for a user who is not available or has forgotten the password. (Note: The cluster admin account was created when the MJS cluster was started with a security level of 1, 2, or 3.)


Change Password with a Cluster Profile

Change your password for the MJS cluster identified by an MJS cluster profile called MyMjsProfile.

mjs = parcluster('MyMjsProfile');

Change Password on a Parallel Pool

Change your password for the MJS cluster on which the parallel pool is running.

p = gcp;
mjs = p.Cluster;

Change Password of Another User

Change the password for another user named john. The admin user can access the MJS from a different session of MATLAB to do this, or change the Username property of the cluster object within john’s MATLAB client session.

mjs = parcluster('MyMjsProfile');
mjs.Username = 'admin'     % Generates prompt for admin user password.
changePassword(mjs,'john') % Generates prompt for both passwords.

At this point, the admin user might want to set the session user back to john.

mjs.Username = 'john'  % Prompted again for password.

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Introduced in R2010b

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