Create independent job on cluster


obj = createJob(cluster)
obj = createJob(...,'p1',v1,'p2',v2,...)
job = createJob(...,'Profile','profileName',...)



The job object.


The cluster object created by parcluster.

p1, p2

Object properties configured at object creation.

v1, v2

Initial values for corresponding object properties.


obj = createJob(cluster) creates an independent job object for the identified cluster.

The job's data is stored in the location specified by the cluster's JobStorageLocation property.

obj = createJob(...,'p1',v1,'p2',v2,...) creates a job object with the specified property values. For a listing of the valid properties of the created object, see the parallel.Job object reference page. The property name must be in the form of a string, with the value being the appropriate type for that property. In most cases, the values specified in these property-value pairs override the values in the profile; but when you specify AttachedFiles or AdditionalPaths at the time of creating a job, the settings are combined with those specified in the applicable profile. If an invalid property name or property value is specified, the object will not be created.

job = createJob(...,'Profile','profileName',...) creates an independent job object with the property values specified in the profile 'profileName'. If a profile is not specified and the cluster has a value specified in its 'Profile' property, the cluster's profile is automatically applied. For details about defining and applying profiles, see Clusters and Cluster Profiles.


Create and Run a Basic Job

Construct an independent job object using the default profile.

c = parcluster
j = createJob(c);

Add tasks to the job.

for i = 1:10

Run the job.


Wait for the job to finish running, and retrieve the job results.

out = fetchOutputs(j);

Display the random matrix returned from the third task.


Delete the job.


Create a Job with Attached Files

Construct an independent job with attached files in addition to those specified in the default profile.

c = parcluster
j = createJob(c,'AttachedFiles',...
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