Demote job in cluster queue


demote(c, job)



Cluster object that contains the job.


Job object demoted in the job queue.


demote(c, job) demotes the job object job that is queued in the cluster c.

If job is not the last job in the queue, demote exchanges the position of job and the job that follows it in the queue.


Create and submit multiple jobs to the MATLAB job scheduler identified by the default parallel configuration:

c = parcluster();
j1 = createJob(c,'Name','Job A'); createTask(j1,@rand,1,{3});
j2 = createJob(c,'Name','Job B'); createTask(j2,@rand,1,{3});
j3 = createJob(c,'Name','Job C'); createTask(j3,@rand,1,{3});

Demote one of the jobs by one position in the queue:

demote(c, j2)

Examine the new queue sequence:

[pjobs, qjobs, rjobs, fjobs] = findJob(c);
get(qjobs, 'Name')
    'Job A'
    'Job C'
    'Job B'

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After a call to demote or promote, there is no change in the order of job objects contained in the Jobs property of the cluster object. To see the scheduled order of execution for jobs in the queue, use the findJob function in the form [pending queued running finished] = findJob(c).

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