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Getting Started with Parallel Computing Toolbox


What Is Parallel Computing?

Learn about MATLAB® and Parallel Computing Toolbox™

Choose a Parallel Computing Solution

Discover the most important functionalities offered by MATLAB and Parallel Computing Toolbox to solve your parallel computing problem.

Interactively Run a Loop in Parallel Using parfor

Convert a slow for-loop into a faster parfor-loop.

Run Batch Parallel Jobs

Use batch to offload work from your MATLAB session to run in the background.

Scale Up parfor-Loops to Cluster and Cloud

Develop parfor-loops on your desktop, and scale up to a cluster without changing your code.

Create and Use Distributed Arrays

When your data array is too big to fit into the memory of a single machine, you can create a distributed array

About Parallel Computing

Parallel Computing Support in MathWorks Products

Overview of parallel computing with MathWorks products


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