Create array on GPU


G = gpuArray(X)


G = gpuArray(X) copies the numeric array X to the GPU, and returns a gpuArray object. You can operate on this array by passing its gpuArray to the feval method of a CUDA kernel object, or by using one of the methods defined for gpuArray objects in Establish Arrays on a GPU.

The MATLAB array X must be numeric (for example: single, double, int8, etc.) or logical, and the GPU device must have sufficient free memory to store the data.

If the input argument is already a gpuArray, the output is the same as the input.

Use gather to retrieve the array from the GPU to the MATLAB workspace.


Transfer a 10-by-10 matrix of random single-precision values to the GPU, then use the GPU to square each element.

X = rand(10,'single');
G = gpuArray(X);
G2 = G .* G;         % Performed on GPU
whos G2              % Result on GPU
  Name       Size      Bytes  Class

  G2        10x10        108  gpuArray

Copy the array back to the MATLAB workspace.

G1 = gather(G2);
whos G1
  Name       Size      Bytes  Class

  G1        10x10        400  single
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