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Job and Task Creation

Create a job and define its tasks


parcluster Create cluster object
batch Run MATLAB script or function on worker
createJob Create independent job on cluster
createCommunicatingJob Create communicating job on cluster
recreate Create new job from existing job
createTask Create new task in job
parallel.defaultClusterProfile Examine or set default cluster profile
parallel.importProfile Import cluster profiles from file
poolStartup File for user-defined options to run on each worker when parallel pool starts
jobStartup File for user-defined options to run when job starts
taskStartup User-defined options to run on worker when task starts
taskFinish User-defined options to run on worker when task finishes
pctconfig Configure settings for Parallel Computing Toolbox client session
mpiLibConf Location of MPI implementation
mpiSettings Configure options for MPI communication


parallel.Cluster Access cluster properties and behaviors
parallel.Future Request function execution on parallel pool workers
parallel.Job Access job properties and behaviors
parallel.Task Access task properties and behaviors

Examples and How To

Program a Job on a Local Cluster

In some situations, you might need to define the individual tasks of a job, perhaps because they might evaluate different functions or have uniquely structured arguments.

Program Independent Jobs

The tasks in an independent job do not directly communicate with each other and are independent.

Program Communicating Jobs

Explains the differences between independent and communicating jobs

Share Code with the Workers

Because the tasks of a job are evaluated on different machines, each machine must have access to all the files needed to evaluate its tasks.

Apply Callbacks to MJS Jobs and Tasks

The MATLAB® job scheduler (MJS) has the ability to trigger callbacks in the client session whenever jobs or tasks in the MJS cluster change to specific states.


How Parallel Computing Products Run a Job

Overview of Parallel Computing Toolbox™ software and MATLAB Distributed Computing Server™ software, and the capabilities of these product

Programming Tips

Provides helpful hints for good programming practice

Job Monitor

The Job Monitor displays the jobs in the queue for the scheduler determined by your selection of a cluster profile.

Control Random Number Streams

By default, each worker in a cluster working on the same job has a unique random number stream.

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