Load workspace variables from batch job


load(job, 'X')
load(job, 'X', 'Y', 'Z*')
load(job, '-regexp', 'PAT1', 'PAT2')
S = load(job ...)



Job from which to load workspace variables.

'X' , 'Y', 'Z*'

Variables to load from the job. Wildcards allow pattern matching in MAT-file style.


Indication to use regular expression pattern matching.


Struct containing the variables after loading.


load(job) retrieves all variables from a batch job and assigns them into the current workspace. load throws an error if the batch runs a function (instead of a script), the job is not finished, or the job encountered an error while running, .

load(job, 'X') loads only the variable named X from the job.

load(job, 'X', 'Y', 'Z*') loads only the specified variables. The wildcard '*' loads variables that match a pattern (MAT-file only).

load(job, '-regexp', 'PAT1', 'PAT2') can be used to load all variables matching the specified patterns using regular expressions. For more information on using regular expressions, type doc regexp at the command prompt.

S = load(job ...) returns the contents of job into variable S, which is a struct containing fields matching the variables retrieved.


Run a batch job and load its results into your client workspace.

j = batch('myScript');

Load only variables whose names start with 'a'.

load(job, 'a*')

Load only variables whose names contain any digits.

load(job, '-regexp', '\d')

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