Execute function asynchronously on all workers in parallel pool


F = parfevalOnAll(p,fcn,numout,in1,in2,...)
F = parfevalOnAll(fcn,numout,in1,in2,...)


F = parfevalOnAll(p,fcn,numout,in1,in2,...) requests the asynchronous execution of the function fcn on all workers in the parallel pool p, expecting numout output arguments from each worker and supplying input arguments in1,in2,... to each worker. F is a parallel.FevalOnAllFuture object, from which you can obtain the results when all workers have completed executing fcn.

F = parfevalOnAll(fcn,numout,in1,in2,...) requests asynchronous execution on all workers in the current parallel pool. If no pool exists, it starts a new parallel pool, unless your parallel preferences disable automatic creation of pools.


Close all Simulink models on all workers.

p = gcp(); % Get the current parallel pool
f = parfevalOnAll(p,@bdclose,0,'all');
% No output arguments, but you might want to wait for completion
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