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pmode Limitations and Unexpected Results

Using Graphics in pmode

Displaying a GUI

The workers that run the tasks of a communicating job are MATLAB® sessions without displays. As a result, these workers cannot display graphical tools and so you cannot do things like plotting from within pmode. The general approach to accomplish something graphical is to transfer the data into the workspace of the MATLAB client using

pmode lab2client var labindex

Then use the graphical tool on the MATLAB client.

Using Simulink Software

Because the workers running a pmode job do not have displays, you cannot use Simulink® software to edit diagrams or to perform interactive simulation from within pmode. If you type simulink at the pmode prompt, the Simulink Library Browser opens in the background on the workers and is not visible.

You can use the sim command to perform noninteractive simulations in parallel. If you edit your model in the MATLAB client outside of pmode, you must save the model before accessing it in the workers via pmode; also, if the workers had accessed the model previously, they must close and open the model again to see the latest saved changes.

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